Replacing T4 Templates with plain C# 11

Maybe you don't need a template library?

Edwin Young

3 minute read

In Arc-Enabled Servers we have a quite a lot of different config files which need to be mostly the same, but a little different for each region we deploy into. For example, we have values that are used by Helm charts for each region:

Financial Perpetual Motion

Reasons to be skeptical of certain crypto projects

Edwin Young

5 minute read

Every so often, someone claims to have created a perpetual motion machine, or a source of free energy - some kind of contraption which does work without any external power source. Anyone with any physics background knows that this is impossible, due to the laws of thermodynamics, but these claims still find a small credulous audience. Normally the device is accompanied by lots of handwaving to obscure the fact that it can’t possibly work.