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Thanks for a really cool program...

Gnofract4D, c'est à mon avis, le meilleur logiciel de fractales sous Linux.

...recht schnell und sehr schön...


Main Window: Most of the window is taken up by the current fractal. The toolbar allows you to set the commonest fractal parameters. From left to right, it has a small preview window; widgets for adjusting the 4D angles; widgets for the position in 4D space; a depth adjuster; undo and redo; and three widgets for controlling explorer mode.
Explorer Mode: The screen is divided into sections. The large, middle section is the current fractal - the other smaller fractals around it are random variations based on the central image. You can click on one of the outer fractals to transfer it to the middle and generate more variants based on it. You can think of this as "breeding" mutant fractals.
Formulas: You can easily write your own formulas and coloring methods, or choose from thousands which already exist.
Parameters: Formulas and coloring algorithms can have any number of named parameters, increasing your options enormously. Parameters can be functions, integers, complex numbers, colors and more.
Gradient Editor: Use one of the many color schemes provided, or import them from Fractint or The GIMP. If none of those suit your image, you can use the Gradient editor to modify the colors to your requirements. Color changes happen almost instantly after the image has first been calculated. You can also easily create random color schemes.
Direct Coloring Algorithms: You can bypass the gradients altogether and create other beautiful effects with Direct Coloring Algorithms.