Command Reference

Mouse Commands

Left-clickZoom in
Left-click and dragDraw rectangle to zoom into.
Shift-Left-clickRecenter image on point clicked.
Middle-clickFlip to Julia set (or back to Mandelbrot).
Right-clickZoom out.
Control-Right-clickZoom out more quickly.

Keyboard Shortcuts

(arrow)Pan image in indicated direction.
Ctrl+(arrow)Pan more quickly in indicated direction.
Shift+(arrow)Mutate image in Z or W directions.
Shift+Ctrl+(arrow)Mutate more quickly.
Ctrl+1Reset rotation to show the XY (Mandelbrot) plane.
Ctrl+2Reset rotation to show the ZW (Julia) plane.
Ctrl+3Reset rotation to show the XZ (Oblate) plane.
Ctrl+4Reset rotation to show the XW (Parabolic) plane.
Ctrl+5Reset rotation to show the YZ (Elliptic) plane.
Ctrl+6Reset rotation to show the WY (Rectangular) plane.
Ctrl+ADisplay AutoZoom dialog.
Ctrl+BDisplay formula browser.
Ctrl+DDisplay the Director (animation) window.
Ctrl+EEnter (or leave) Explorer mode.
EscapeQuit full-screen mode.
Ctrl+FShow fractal settings controls.
HomeReset all numeric parameters to their defaults.
Ctrl+HomeReset zoom to default level.
Ctrl+ISave the current image to a file.
Ctrl+Shift+IAdd the current fractal to the render queue.
Ctrl+RCreate a new random color scheme.
Ctrl+Shift+SSave the current parameters into a new file.
Ctrl+ZUndo the last operation.
Ctrl+Shift+ZRedo an operation after undoing it.
F1Show help file contents page.
F11Show main window full-screen.