About Gnofract 4D

This is Gnofract 4D version 4.0. You can find the most recent version of Gnofract 4D from

Credits and copyright

Gnofract 4D is Copyright 1999-2018 Edwin Young ( , and is distributed under the BSD license. See the file "COPYING" for details.

Gnofract 4D was originally based on Gnofract, written by Aurelien Alleaume ( , though none of the original code remains in the current version. Gnofract could once be obtained from but this no longer appears to work.

Branko Kokanovic developed and contributed the animation feature. Chris Le Sueur provided parts of the gradient editing feature. Henryk Trappmann provided HSV gradient support. The man page was contributed by Aleksander Adamowski. Rachel Mant maintained the project for several years and provided many useful updates. Chris Mayo modernized a lot of code and made the Python 3 update possible.

The formula language which Gnofract 4D uses originated in Fractint and was substantially enhanced in UltraFractal. However the compiler implementation does not share any code with those programs.

The Gnofract 4D distribution contains palette (.map) files by a number of authors which were originally distributed with Fractint under somewhat murky licensing conditions. It also contains a copy of "standard.ucl", originally distributed with UltraFractal, by kind permission of Frederik Slijkerman, Damien Jones, and Kerry Mitchell. "blatte1.ugr" and "blatte2.ugr" are included by kind permission of 'Blatte'. The formulas in Sterling2.frm are translations of formulas originally created by Tad Boniecki for use with the SterlingWare 2 fractal program.

gmpy.c and gmpy.h are from the GMPY package (, and are distributed under the LGPL license. and come from the PLY package, and are distributed under the BSD license.

Some of the menu icons are taken or adapted from the Tango icon set.