User comments:

Thanks for a cool site and amazing app/creations!

Really a nice tool.

Sites with additional resources:

ORGFORM.ZIP A collection of about 25,000 Fractint formula files by many authors, originally compiled by George C. Martin and currently maintained by Paul N. Lee. Many can be used with Gnofract 4D.
UltraFractal public formula database Thousands of formulas by users of UltraFractal. Most of these work with Gnofract 4D.
More Gradients Thousands of Fractint .map (gradient) files, providing more coloring options.
Yet Even More Gradients A website listing a large number of simple color schemes, mostly aimed at web designers. Gnofract 4D can load the ".cs" color schemes listed there.
Blatte's Fractal Pages A website with some great fractal images (NB: not generated with Gnofract 4D, though). The original source of the 'blatte' gradient files.
Time Passes A script by Tyler Macdonald which uses Gnofract 4D to create animations, and some cool example animations using it. Gnofract 4D now has built-in support for creating animations, but this might still be useful to you.

Other fractal software:

Fractint The grandaddy of all free fractal programs. Gnofract 4D borrows many ideas and features from Fractint.
UltraFractal If you're using Windows, this is the fractal program you want. Gnofract 4D again has many concepts (such as the formula language and coloring algorithms) in common with UltraFractal. Note that it's shareware, not open source.


Contributors See Credits for a list of everyone who has contributed significant code to the project. Thanks are also due to everyone who's reported a bug, sent mail, or created a cool image. Thanks everyone!
Andreas Viklund The Gnofract 4D website design is based on a free design by Andreas Viklund.
Gnofract 4D is mostly written using the excellent Python programming language.