User comments:

I'm always surprised how fast it runs...

I'm still dribbling out of my slack-jawed mouth...

I'm an enthusiastic user of your program gnofract4d. It's really great...

mieux que mario kart wii... c'est magnifique...


Here are some of my personal favorites (selected from the other galleries below).

untitled assemblage

Galleries of images created using Gnofract 4D

The Gnofract 4D Flickr Group contains images created by Gnofract 4D users. You can post your own images to this group directly from Gnofract 4D. Unfortunately I have lost the admin account password for this group and Yahoo can't seem to help, so this is effectively unmoderated and contains some other random junk too.
My favorite images created using Gnofract 4D on the DeviantArt community.
Elaine's Galleries contain many beautiful images created by Elaine Normandy.